Acne and Rosacea





Acne is a pimply eruption on the face and upper trunk.  It begins around puberty and has both inflamed (pimples) and non-inflamed (blackheads) lesions. There are several factors that work together to cause disease; blockage of pores, oil production, bacterial growth and the body's response to the bacteria. Acne is best treated with a combination of drugs that address at least two of these factors.

Unfortunately there is no specific acne website that is not thoroughly commercial. More information can be found at the American Academy of Dermatology website.






Rosacea is a disease that occurs later in life than acne; usually beginning no earlier than the 20s.  Patients often have persistently swollen red cheeks, pimples and may have overgrowth of oil glands.  Rosacea also involves the eye in some patients. See the link below for helpful information.