Poison Ivy in the early spring. Leaves are arranged in groups of three. The leaves may be a dark red on very young plants and also in the fall

Two vines. The hairy one is poison ivy. The smoother one is English ivy. Note how the English ivy leaves appear to be coming from the poison ivy.

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Poison Ivy Facts

Avoiding the plant is the best treatment for poison ivy. If you have been exposed, washing with soap within 15 minutes may prevent the rash.

In Northern Delaware/SE Pennsylvania poison oak and poison sumac are nearly non-existent.

The severity of the rash depends on how allergic you are and how much of the allergen you touched.


Common Falsehoods:

     -poison ivy is spread by blister fluid

     -poison oak or sumac give more severe rashes


For more information see the American Academy of Dermatology website.