Wound Care Instructions

Keep the bandage in place for at least the first 12 hours.

Wounds should be kept covered with a band-aid or similar dressing. Dressings speed healing and decrease pain.

Gently wash the wound with soap and water daily.  Apply petroleum jelly and re-dress the wound.

If dressings stick to the wound,  a brief soaking will free them.


Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Can stitches be expected come out on their own?

A. No, stitches must be removed.


Q. What if the wound starts bleeding?

A. Apply firm pressure for 5 minutes.  (NO PEEKING!) If bleeding continues press for 5 more minutes.  If still bleeding call the office.


Q. What are signs of an infected wound?

A. Infected wounds become increasingly painful and drain pus (but a little bit of drainage is normal).  If you suspect infection, call the office.